Friday, October 8, 2010

Glibc 2 HOWTO English Version - 1. Introduction

1.1 About glibc 2

Glibc 2 is the latest version of the GNU C library. It is currently without modification in GNU Hurd, Linux i386, m68k, and alpha systems implementation, and version 2.1 will be joined on the Linux PowerPC, MIPS, Sparc, Sparc 64 with Arm and other systems support. The future will be added to the other architecture and operating system support.

In Linux on, glibc 2 is the major version 6 of the libc, which is the successor to Linux libc 5. Linux libc's development staff in order to gradually replace the libc 5. Look on 2.0.6, glibc has a mature product quality. Glibc 2.1 version (in the near future) will add more features, and ported to more systems, sufficient as the mainstream use.

Glibc 2 There are three optional additional packages:

UFC-crypt encryption package. Because of export restrictions so be isolated.

Posix 1003.1c "pthread" interface implementation.

Locale data
Including manufacturing of the internationalization features to use glibc locale data files required information.

LinuxThreads is strongly recommended to install Cryt and two additional packages, if not installed, then there may be other libraries on the system caused by incompatible situation. (If you do not want to use these two additional packages, then you must configure in the implementation of the time with - disable-sanity-checks option)

1.2 About this document

This document covers how to install the Linux system glib 2, is only available to those in the intel-based machines using the libc 5 users. But for other systems as well as other different library (such as glibc 1) of the user, as long as this document appears in the file name and the name of the system architecture to make the appropriate substitution, should also get some help.

This HOWTO copy of the latest version available Linux Documentation Project ( or ~ thrytis/glibc/Glibc2-HOWTO.html found.

1.3 The latest changes in this document

The difference between 1.5 and 1.4:

Added to the index by the Ed Bailey
My new e-mail address
The difference between 1.4 and 1.3:

The current state from the experimental into mature products.
The development of the transplant list updated.
Update to 2.0.6 the latest version.

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